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Could it be My Gut?

with Karen Langston
Medicine Talk invites you to join us for another free educational talk about natural medicine


True or False: Digestion has nothing to do with how I feel. 

FALSE! Symptoms from migraine to skin irritations and other vague symptoms have everything to do with digestion! If you are not digesting properly you are causing a catastrophic body deficit that can lead to low energy, weight gain, premature aging, illness, and disease. Those vague, annoying, mysterious symptoms are not in your head; they are in your gut!

Join Certified Holistic Nutritionist Karen Langston as she takes you on an interactive and fun journey through the digestive system, linking the cause to the symptoms you feel and teaching you how to begin to reverse them for good.

Recorded webinar

About the speaker:

Dubbed the Poop Queen by thousands of students and clients Karen Langston is an Internationally recognized Nutritionist, Speaker and leading expert specializing in training and development for health and wellness professionals to health advocates the keys to unlocking better health by understanding how digestion, detoxification, vitamins and minerals work in the body and, the importance of having a good poop. Learn more about Karen on her information packed website.


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