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Getting to the Root Cause of Chronic Illness

with Kelly Hassberger, ND
Medicine Talk invites you to join us for another free educational talk about natural medicine

"The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of It's Parts". Conventional medicine has taken the body and broken it into it's parts, as if each is separate from the other and a symptom in one system is unrelated to a symptom in another. This system of medicine is failing and there is a distinct reason why. Our body in fact functions as a whole and a disturbance in one system will effect the whole of the body.

In this talk, Dr. Hassberger, will discuss how naturopathic medicine uses a whole body approach to discover the weak systems or deficiencies and therefore discover the root cause of disease and restore the whole body to health.  

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Talk form: Recorded Webinar

About the speaker:

Dr. Kelly Hassberger, ND is the current owner of Grand Rapids Natural Health, an all-inclusive health and wellness center in Grand Rapids, MI. Dr. Hassberger is also the founder of InspiredLifeGR, a two-day health and wellness conference in Grand Rapids and the co-owner of Degree 18 Juice Bar in Palmer, Puerto Rico, where she lives part time. Kelly graduated with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, with highest honors, from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in July of 2011.  She then went on to complete a 1-year general medicine residency in Naturopathic Medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Medical Center. Kelly is the past president of the Michigan Association of Naturopathic Physicians (MANP) and continues to work diligently with this association to achieve licensure for Naturopathic Physicians in Michigan. She is also a contributor to Medicine Talk, LLC. Kelly’s passion is to educate the masses on Naturopathic Medicine and to inspire each individual she encounters to better their health on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


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